Christ van de Pol and Vincent Verhoeven

Aiming at one distance

In the small village of Goirle near Tilburg just a few miles from the Belgian border, lives the pigeon-mad (ex) butcher Christ van de Pol and his son-in-law Vincent Verhoeven. In the middle seventies Christ and his wife Corrie were super stars in their own right at middle distance, but they later realized that if you wanted to stay a top fancier then you had to specialize. A Choice had to be made, either the speeds races, middle distance or long distance. Those who want all three are bound to be just average fanciers. In 1976 Christ decided upon long distance. This decision was forced upon him as due to leading a very busy business life, time was precious and it is common knowledge that for the shorter races it is the amount of time one can spend with the birds that counts. At least with the longer races it is more the quality of the birds themselves that makes the difference.


Successful buying

With a view to being a great champion in long distance races Christ began to select and buy his birds, which wasn’t made any easier when trying to buy the champions themselves as enormous amounts were paid by the Japanese and Taiwanese for Dutch long distance winners. It must be said that his first “import” to which he owes a great deal was a super racer in Holland form the lofts of Mr Leen Suiker, the “400”, which Christ bought at an auction in 1977. The “400”had won that year a fist in a 50-mile race, a first in a 200-mile race, and also the first in a semi-national form Moulins, about 400 miles.
This was the kind of bird Christ wanted. These prizes were all won as a yearling, the first prize in the semi-national was flown against the southern part of the country and made such an impression on Christ that he decided he had to buy this cock, and his sire. If he could. They laughed at him when they heard how much money he had paid for the pigeon. Later they did not laugh any more when the “400” made Christ van de Pol one of the outstanding lofts in the country.
Christ managed to breed about 40 youngsters from the “400” in one year, as out such a number it is always easier to choose what you want than form just a few birds. Another reason why he bred so many form the same pigeon was that he is clever enough to realize that super-champions also give far more rubbish than champions. When you breed a lot of youngsters off your very best then you will have a large amount of rubbish but also more GOOD birds. It’s as simple as that.

It is because of this that more and more fanciers nowadays practice this system. They have a very good cock, or buy one, and breed a lot of babies out of it. Later on, the proven racers became expensive, as we said because of the Japanese, that Christ bought some youngsters. And now we come to a very important point: Christ van de Pol, the Goirle (ex) butcher, always claims “When you buy something the best of the best is hardly good enough”. Pigeons are purely bought by their origin. Christ does not need to see the birds themselves. When origin must be the best there is, the rest he does not care about. The least thing he cares about is how a pigeon looks.



First with Youngsters

Christ must have clearly known what he bought. It only took some years before he was generally accepted as the best racer at long distance with youngsters.
In races form Orleans, Chateauroux and Bourges he really proved to be unbeatable and even Jos van Limpt (Klak) admitted that he never seen results in the semi-national as that of Van de Pol.
It happened that form 400 miles races such as Bourges and Chateauroux, Christ had 20 birds before another village had even one arrival. Sometimes, they even arrived 15 or 20 at a time. Indeed form 400 miles!
His secret. Well, first of all the quality of the birds. Then of course, a very punctual medical program. All young birds on the nest, preferably on babies and of course fully feathered. The feathering of the bird is the great problem at the time that long distance races are held. At the end of August and September, or exactly in the moulting period. And it is generally known, to win these great races not even one feather must be missing. For that, you have a great advantage when the birds have babies, but there is also this – Christ worked a lot with “light and dark”.
Days are made shorter by outing screens before the windows. Till midday it was dark in the lofts and in this way the birds keep their feathers. How unbelievable it may seem. At the beginning of October mostly not even one bird had one feather out.

Some results from the eighties on the young bird races:
1978 Nat. Orleans 6351 birds: 2, 44, 52, 61, 99, 108, 124, 139, 146, 178, 207 etc.
1980 Nat. Orleans 9493 birds: 18, 21, 26, 46, 98, 216, 302, 348 etc.
1982 Nat. Orleans 8088 birds: 12, 26, 41, 52, 68 etc.
1983 Nat. Orleans 6182 birds: 5, 11, 12, 27, 36, 39, 46, 54, 57, 60, 88, 94 etc.
1989 Nat. Orleans 8053 birds: 10, 28, 33, 48, 86 etc.
1990 Nat. Orleans 22454 birds: 22, 32, 59 etc.
1978 Afd. Corbeil 9416 birds: 8, 9, 16, 24, 38, 62 etc.
1982 Afd. Corbeil 7089 birds: 1, 2, 4, 62, 101, 167, 174, 230 etc.
1982 ZNB Chateauroux 10651 birds: 5, 6, 8, 17, 20, 22, 25, 48, 55, 59, 69 etc.
1982 Union Bourges 2266 birds: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 20, 34, 41, 42, 55 etc.
1983 ZNB Bourges 7918 birds: 8, 23, 55, 58, 71, 94, 98 etc.
1984 ZNB Bourges 6000 birds: 3, 15, 20, 25 etc.
1984 ZNB Chateauroux 11743 birds: 14, 40, 64, 75, 114, 121, 123, 224, 228 etc.
1985 ZNB Bourges 11532 birds: 13, 34, 47, 56, 59, 96, 103, 106, 214, 233, 237 etc
1988 ZNB Chateauroux 12194 birds: 10, 23, 40, 50, 71, 87, 91, 99, 101,  etc.
1990 ZNB Bourges 6772 birds: 11, 27, 28, 33, 73, 76 etc.
1990 ZNB Chateauroux 8996 birds: 9, 28, 29, 57, 86, 90 etc

Building a top long distance racing family

The “400” (76-271400) and his father the “Bonte 21” (72-394021) became the “Stock birds” on the loft
In the beginning they were pared up with the best middle distance pigeons. In the first year Christ bred from the “400” the “Goudencrack”, 1st Golden Crack from the Fondclub Zuid Nederland (6000 members) and 5th Best Young bird form Holland (W.H.Z.B.). From the “Bonte 21” Christ bred the “73”, this cock won the 2nd National of Orleans from 6351 birds. In 2006 92% of the pigeons had the “400”  and the “Bonte 21” as a ancestor in it’s pedigree.      
After the first successes Christ wanted more. In 1979 Christ bought on a sale from the combination Krouwel-Pollmann (Tiel) some youngsters. This combination had in those year build a loft on national winnars. On the sale Christ bought:

  • The “Knap” (79-808732) a daughter from the “Sterke Barcelona” 1st National Barcelona 1977 from Piet van de Slik Middelharnis, who was paired against a daughter from the 1st National Barcelona 1973 from A. Van der Wegen from Steenbergen.
  • The “Wonder” (79-808725) a daughter from the “Wonder van Neer” (This cock won in 6 weeks in his own the Marathon championship in 1973 for Pie Verheijen, with: 86th Nat. St.Vincent 6206 birds, 5 th Nat. Barcelona 1121 birds 68 th Nat. Dax 3601 birds. Also 4th Nat. Barcelona, 20 th Nat. Limoges, 49 th Nat. Marseille.) He was paired against the 1st National St.Vincent 1975 from Willem van den Burgh Maasland.
  • The “Witpen 63” (79-808763) a grandson from the 1st International Barcelona 1971 from Mathieu Huls Maastricht paired and the “Van Estje” 1st National St.Vincent 1972 from Rob School.

Those three pigeons are important in the pedigree of the vd Pol –Verhoeven “family” .
In 1980 Christ bought also two bons from the Kuipers bros from Neer, those Barcelona specialists had some famouse Barcelona-racers. In the seventies the won a 1st, 2nd and 3th National Barcelona. Together with Wim Pollmann Christ visit the bros and became a son of the “Barcelona I” (1st and 3th National Barcelona 1976 and 1975) and a daughter from the “Barcelona II” (2nd National Barcelona 1975). The cock was cald “Kuiper 293” (80-1063293) and the hen “Kuipertje 303” (80-1063303).
Those pigeons were crossed with de “400” and “Bonte 21” lines and gave a lot of very good birds. This birds made Christ 1st General Champion Long-distance in: 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1989 in the Fond Union Midden Brabant (then circa 1500 members). In 1984, 1985 and 1987 Christ was also 1st General Champion Long-distance in the Zuid Nederlandse Bond (then circa 15.000 members). In 1986 3rd . In 1985 Christ was also 2nd National Champion (after Bisseling bros, who later have been caught for cheating) 
In the eighties Christ also played with a few pigeons the two day races. In 1982 he won a 5th National Dax with car from 11544 birds and a 7th and 16th National Bergerac from 12934 birds.

Crack 907
1982 was also the year of birth of the “Crack 907” (82-8202907) he won:
3rd ZNB La Souteraine 4990 birds
6th ZNB Chateauroux 10651 birds
42nd ZNB Moulins 12252 birds
48th ZNB Chateauroux 6806 birds
106th National Bergerac 22510 birds
110th National St.Vincent 23188 birds
614th National Bergerac 15069 birds
725th National Bergerac 19405 birds

The “Crack 907” is a grandson of the “400” and became a fabulous breeder and became father and grandfather of:

92-9279870 St.Vincent (oa:  1st Nat. St.Vincent 38570 birds ‘96, 56th ZNB Bordeaux 6981 birds, 187th Nat Soustons 13143 birds, 323rd Nat Dax 17413 birds, 610th Nat. St.Vincent 25041 birds, 718th Nat. Dax 20283 birds).

91-9158470 “Lady Vincent (oa: 12th Nat. Pau 2156 birds and 5th Int. hens, 100th Nat. Pau 2425 birds, 379th Nat. Marseille 4601 birds and Mother of 1st Nationaal St.Vincent 1996 38570 birds)   

90-9019921 “Crack 921” (oa: 52nd Nat. Dax 20283 birds. 60th Nat. Soustons 15252 birds, 67th Nat. Soustons 13143 birds

Aiming at the longdistance, two day races

Christ & Vincent

In 1990, his very busy business let Christ decided to specialize further upon the long distance two day races. The big Nationals as Sint Vincent, Dax, Perpignan and Barcelona became there aim.
Christ van de Pol en son in law Vincent Verhoeven became the combination Van de Pol – Verhoeven.
In 1991 they won the 4th National Tarbes against 15125 birds. The “Tarbes” is a grandson of the “400” and the “Knap” and is the father of the “St.Vincent”, 1st National St.Vincent 1996 against 38570 birds. The mother of the “St.Vincent” the “Lady Vincent” won the 5th International Pau with the hens, 12th National of 2156 birds, 110th National Pau 2425 birds and 379th National Marseille 4601 birds. She is a daughter of the “Crack 907”.
Besides this basis of the “400”-lines Christ bought some youngster of very good pigeons for example:

  • A son of the “Kleine Jo” from Wijnands Maastricht. The “Rode Jo”. The “Kleine Jo” won:  5th Nat. St.Vincent 22596 birds, 30th Nat. Dax 13308 birds, 33rd Nat. Bergerac 22510 birds, 37th Nat. Dax 12188 birds, 45th Nat. Dax 15473 birds. This cock has also the lines of the 1st National Barcelona of Piet van de Slik in his pedigree. The “Red Wonder” (2nd WHZB Long-distance) and the “First Red” (super breeder) for instance are descendants of him.   
  • Also a daughter of the “Vale 107” from Wijnands Maastricht. The “Wijnands 189”. The “Vale 107”won:  10th Nat. St. Vincent 26716 birds, 22nd Nat. Dax 15383 birds, 80th Nat. Tarbes 13191 birds, 308th Nat. St.Vincent 24279 birds. She is the grandmother of the “Magic Barcelona” (47th National Bacelona), “Daxduif” (52nd National Dax and 46th National Perpignan) and “Magic Blue” (114th National Mont de Marsan).      
  • From Lei Kurvers of Hulsberg they bought a daughter of the 91-2849524 who won: 8th and 16th National Bordeaux, 17th National Marseille, 37th and 91st National Perpignan. The “Perpignan” (31st National Perpignan and 5th Brabant 2000 Bordeaux) is a grandson of him.
  • In 1993 they bought on the total sale of the combination Hendriks-Meijberg a son of the “Pau”. The “Pau” won: 2nd Nat. Pau 1972 birds, 19th Nat. St. Vincent 21464 birds, 29th Nat. Tarbes 13331 birds, 100th Nat. Dax 23231 birds, 143rd Nat. Tarbes 15125 birds, 292nd Nat. St.Vincent. The bought also a daughter of the “Pau 2” (a son of the “Pau”) who won: 3rd National Pau. Those two birds we can find in the pedigree of the “Teletekst” (10th National Bordeaux). “Hoogvlieger” and “Perpignan”.

The basis of “400”, “Bonte 21”, “Knap” and “Wonder” was very important. In 1996 Christ and Vincent won with a descendant the:

1st National St.Vincent of 38570 birds.
It was a very difficult race with wind a head (NO) and 35°C. He won the race with a velocity of 977 m/min.


This cock was not sold en became one of the basis pigeons.    

In 1997 Christ and Vincent changed some pigeons with Jos Thoné from As (B). In 1996 Jos won together with Albert Willems the 1st International Barcelona with the “Gerda”. Christ paired a daughter of the “Gerda” and a daughter of the “Poco” (1st Nat Barcelona yearling) on the “St.Vincent” and bred of Jos and himself some youngsters. Especially the line of the “Poco” did very well. In 2002 the “Rosmalen” (cock from Brord van Boxtel) was paired against the “Golden Lady” (daughter of “St.Vincent” and the daughter “Poco”). The couple gave the “Barcelona” (9th National Barcelona and 39th National Perpignan) and the “Champ” (30th National Pau, 79th National Dax, 95th National Dax). A Sister of the "Golden Lady" the "Lady 02" is the dam of "Batman" (1st Nat.ray1 St.Vincent 2007 from 6016 birds).
The “Rosmalen” is a son of the “Barcelona” (56th, 278th and 283rd National Barcelona) with the “Barcelonaduifje” (18th Nat. Barcelona). In the “Rosmalen” we find also the lines of the “400”, “Bonte 21” and “Knap”.

In 2003 Cees Bruers a friend of Christ did bring some youngsters. The pigeons were a crossing between Ad van den Ouweland and birds from de combination van de Pol – Verhoeven. One of the youngsters became a real crack. The “Red Wonder” won in 2005: 23rd National Dax, 54th National Dax and 167th National St.Vincent. He became 2nd Long-distance champion WHZB.

In 2011 won Christ en Vincent the 1st National Tarbes with "Queen Anne" a great-granddaughter from "St.Vincent".

1st National Tarbes 2011 of 9304 birds.
It was a very fast race. She won the race clocked at 01.53 with a velocity of 2488 m/min.

Queen Anne

In 2011 won a daughter of the "Barcelona" "Lady Erica" the 1e Brabant 2000 of St.Vincent and the 10th National.

And a son of the "Red Fire Lady" The "Golddigger" the 8th National Tarbes and the 71st National St.Vincent.

Champions in the basis

The van de Pol - Verhoeven loft is built with cracks. Through inbred they managed the build a familystrain of pigeons.
The basis are the pigeons of Jan Aarden and Sjef van Wanroy. In the pedigree of almost al the pigeons we cane find those names.
The most important crack birds are:

Jan Aarden and Van Wanroy
  • The “Barcelona”  (60-392092) Van Wanroy Broekhuizenvorst (1st Nat. Barcelona 1964).


  • The “90-duivin”  (63-1151390) Van Wanroy Broekhuizenvorst. (4th Nat St.Vincent, 7th Nat St.Vincent, 11th Nat Dax, 36th Nat St.Vincent, 40th Nat Pau, 34th Nat Dax. Is tevens moeder van het "Hartje" (67-821896): 1st Nat St.Vincent 1970).


  • The “ Spin" (67-821892) Van Wanroy (6th Nat. Bergerac).


  • The “49” (50-349749) Jan Aarden (7th Nat.St.Vincent).


  • The “38”  (50-349738) Jan Aarden (6th Nat.St.Vincent).


Basis Cracks in the pedigree


  • 1st Nat. Barcelona 1977 "Sterke Barcelona" (74-1778583) Piet van de Slik Middelharnis


  • 1st Nat. Barcelona 1973 (65-2023862) Anton van de Wegen Steenbergen (won tevens: 2nd Nat Dax 1971, 5th Nat Barcelona'72, 14th Nat St.Vincent).



  • 1st Int. Barcelona jaarlingen ‘93 & 1st Nat. Barcelona duivinnen ‘95 "Poco" (92-5000631) Jos Thone As


  • 1st Nat. St.Vincent 1975 (73-632626) Willem v.d.Burgh Maasland


  • 1st Nat. St.Vincent 1972 "Van Estje" (68-1352647) Rob School Herpen


  • 1st Nat. St.Vincent 1965 (62-269192) Mevr.Westerhuis Gouda



  • 2nd Nat. Barcelona 1970 (62-426006) v.Campenhout (tevens: 33rd Nat. Barcelona '69, 35th Nat. Barcelona '66, 45th Nat. Barcelona '67, 68th Nat. Dax '68)


  • 2nd Nat. Barcelona 1975 (72-577053) Gebr Kuipers Neer (tevens: 21st Nat Barcelona ‘ 76, 44th Nat Barcelona ‘77 en 116th Nat Barcelona)


  • 2nd Nat. Pau + 2rd Int. & 3rd Nat.Barcelona + 9th Int. (79-928098) Gebr.Kuipers


  • 2nd Nat/zlu Pau 1974 en 3rd Nat. Pau 1973 (69-1257859) Gebr.Kuipers Neer


  • "131" (65-0568131) Jan de Weert  (oa: 2nd Nat Angouleme, 4th Nat Dax 5213 d., 5th Nat St.Vincent, 11th Nat Dax 2969 d., 43rd Nat Dax, 153rd Nat St.Vincent)


  • “Goede Vale 107” (85-2046107) H.Wijnands en Zn Maastricht (oa: 10th Nat. St. Vincent 26716 d, 22nd Nat. Dax 15383 d, 80th Nat. Tarbes 13191 d, 308th Nat. St.Vincent 24279 d)


  • Wonder van Neer (67-843073) Marathonwinnaar 1973 bij Pie Verheijen (Won in 6 weken 86th  Nat. St.Vincent 6206 d, 5th Nat. Barcelona 1121 d, 68th Nat. Dax 3601 d. Verder 4th Nat. Barcelona, 20th Nat. Limoges, 49th Nat. Marseille.)


  • "Zilvervosje" (47-433488) Marijn Meesters De Heen. (oa: 3rd Nat. Dax ‘ 49,  2nd Nat. Dax ‘ 50, 55th Nat. St.Vincent ‘50, 27th Nat. Dax ‘51, 47th Nat.St.Vincent ’51)


  • "Lamme" (60-252162) A. van der Wegen & Zn Steenbergen (oa: 6th Nat. St.Vincent, 7th Nat. Dax, 10th Nat. Dax, 11th Nat. Dax)


  • "Gouden Koppel"(72-313744 IJzeren x 73-978664 Oude Zwarte) Marcel Braakhuis


  • "Mozes" (44-18237) Toon Schouteren en "Saar" (43-231458) Toon Schouteren


  • "Oud Doffertje" (58-314753) Stamvader A. van der Wegen & Zn. Steenbergen



Other cracks in pedigree
  • 1st Nat. Dax  "Daxduivin"(59-179376) A. van der Wegen & Zn Steenbergen


  • 2nd Nat. Barcelona 1982 (76-857134) Marcel Braakhuis Heer (tevens: 18th Nat. Bergerac '79, 22nd Nat. Barcelona '80, 111th Nat. Barcelona '79, 233rd Nat. Bergerac '80, 250th Nat. Dax '78, 324th Nat. Munchen'80.)


  •  "Kleine Jo" (82-1563734) H.Wijnands en Zn Maastricht. Won oa: 5th Nat. St.Vincent 22596 d, 30th Nat. Dax 13308 d, 33rd Nat. Bergerac 22510 d, 37th Nat. Dax 12188 d, 45th Nat. Dax 15473 duiven.


  • 1st Int. Perpignan 1987 (82-8998863) Peter vd Eijnden Deurne


  • "Crack 91-524" (91-2849524) Lei Kurvers Hulsberg (oa: 8th & 16th Nat/zlu Bordeaux, 17th Nat.Marseille, 37th & 91st Nat.Perpignan).


  • 1st Nat. Dax 1979 (75-1051119) Herman Vermeulen Schore


  • 1st Nat. Dax 1977 (74-836662) Aard Jochems



  • "Crusson" (68-457421) Albert Simons (oa: 1st Nat.Barcelona ‘74, 1st Nat.Narnonne ’74, 1st Nat.St Vincent ’72)


  • 2nd Nat/zlu 1989 Pau (86-1828116) Hendriks-Meijberg (tevens: 19th Nat. St.Vincent 21464 d. ‘90, 29th Nat. Tarbes 13191 d. ‘90)


  • 3rd Nat/zlu Pau (90-1335588) Hendriks Meijberg


  • "Goede 54" (83-1188354) Vrosch-Hermans (oa: 3rd Nat Dax 12186 d., 10th Nat Dax 13308 d., 13th Nat Bergerac 22510 d. 88th Nat St.Vincent 23188 d.)


  • "152" (64-1096152) A. van der Wegen & Zn Steenbergen (oa: 2nd Nat. Bergerac, 35th Nat. Dax, 39th Nat. Dax, 68th Nat. Dax, 76th Nat. St.Vincent, 88th Nat Dax, 176th Nat Pau, 188th Nat. St.Vincent, 193rd Nat. St.Vincent).


  • 3rd Nat. Tarbes 1991 (87-2591458) Hendriks Helden (tevens 16th Nat Dax ‘88, 27th Nat.Bergerac ’88)


  • 1st en 2nd Nat.Barcelona duivinnen "Smaragd I" (82-1200025) Leeuw Hedel


  • 1st Nat. St.Vincent (B58-1037987) E.Matterne (B)


  • "De Lange" (61-140085) Marijn van Geel Nieuwvossemeer (oa: 8th Nat Bergerac '69, 17th Nat St.Vincent '71, 85th Nat Dax '68, 88th Nat Dax '67, 168th Nat St.Vincent '67, 246th Nat St.Vincent '63, 268th Nat Dax '63, 127th Nat Dax '64)


  • "03" (79-1345503) Supervlieger Van Peperstraten Oude Tonge. with: 9th Nat Barcelona, 13th Nat Barcelona, 22nd Nat Munchen, 23rd Nat Dax, 27th Nat Munchen, 27th Internat. Barcelona, 44th Internat. Barcelona, 109th Nat.Bergerac, 155th Nat Barcelona.


  • "Super Trommelen" (67-999087) Hendriks-Meijberg (oa: 7th Nat Dax (als jl), 25th Nat St.Vincent, 39th Nat Barcelona, 48th Nat St.Vincent, 58th Nat Carcasonne, 63rd Nat Bergerac, 63rd Nat St.Vincent


Cracks and stockpigeons bred bij Christ and Vincent


  • De "400" (76-271400) Stamvader. Won oa: 1e Moulins Zuid Nederlandse Bond (ZNB) tegen 6991 d, 1st Vilvoorde 561 d, 1st Pont St.Maxcence 607 d, 4th St.Ghislain 443 d, 6th Noyon 554 d. (bred by Leen Suiker)


  • Crack 907"(82-8202907). Won oa: 3rd ZNB La Souteraine 4990 d,  6th ZNB Chateauroux 10651 d,  42nd ZNB Moulins 12252 d,  48th ZNB Chateauroux 6806 d. op de dagfondvluchten en 106th Nat. Bergerac 22510 d, 110th Nat. St. Vincent 23188 d, 614th Nat. Bergerac 15069 d,  725th Nat. Bergerac 19405 d. op de overnachtvluchten.


  • "Lady Vincent" (91-9158470). Won oa: 12th Nat.Pau 1995 van 2156 d., en 5th Internationaal duivinnen, 100th  Nat.Pau 1994 van 2425 d., 379th Nat.Marseille 1994 van 4601 d. Moeder 1st Nat.St.Vincent 1996 (92-9279870) tegen 38570 duiven


  • "Oud Bontje" (62-537741) 14th Nat. St.Vincent


  • De “073” (78-7803073)  2nd Nat. Orleans 1978


  • 4th Nat.Tarbes 1991 (90-9019736). Tevens vader van: 1st Nat.St.Vincent 1996



  • “Teletekst” (95-9563665): 10th ZNB Bordeaux 1996