Brord van Boxtel Goirle.
Won as Van Boxtel-vd Berg the 1st National St.Vincent 2000 with the “Bek” a cock who has the lines of the "400", "knap" and "Kuiper 293" in his pedigree. Also they have more very good pigeons on there loft with blood of vd Pol - Verhoeven.

J.Folkers Alteveen
Won with his NL88-5802472 the 1st National Bergerac 1991. The sire of this cock was also a crack and a full brother of the "Crack 907" and a grandsom of the "400".

Cor de Heijde, Made.
The sire of his 3rd National Dax is a son of the "St.Vincent" (1st National St.Vincent 1996) of the combination vd Pol-Verhoeven.

Verheyen-De Wit Oosterhout
There 1st and 2nd National (NPO-R-1) Limoges of 6160 birds are of the "400"-line.
Also there "White Eagle" Best cock of the Netherlands 1996 with 21 prizes and 8x in the first ten.

J.Steijns & Zn. Amstelrade
National Champion Long distance 1993
of the Netherlands. There NL89-1904865 is a Van de Pol cock who won: 26th National Bergerac (9197 birds), 18th National Dax (28896 birds) etc.

Gijs Peters Budel
1st National (NPO R-II) Clermont-Ferrand 1996
has in his pedigree the "400"-lines.

Louis Stabel & Zn Goirle
Louis had some fine and good racingpigeons of the "400"-lines. The 88-8891328, was 1st champion long distance youngbirds and 1st champion sort-distance 1993. This cock is also sire of the 1st National Orleans (R3) 1992 and is a grandsom of the "400". The 88-8891325, won a 1st of Strombeek 465 birds.
The sire of there 3th National Montauban 2008 against 17350 birds is also a direct vd Pol-Verhoeven, a grandson of the St.Vincent en Crack 907

Frank Aarts Tilburg
Winner of the 1st Nationaal Orleans (R3). The sire of the 1st National Orleans came of the loft van Christ and Vincent.

Robert Harris from Ramsgate (England)
Winner of the 2nd National Open Pau, 1st East Section 2011. with a blue 6y vanden Pol-Verhoeven x Jan Aarden

Jim Shaw Woodsetts (South Yorkshire England)
“50 pence cone” won 1st Midland National Thorness (3248 birds in the National Race) by 16 ypm the race distance was 200 miles approximately 320km. She had won in the club the previous week. The Sire was GB90J08999 who also bred many champions including Bahamontes, 1st Lancashire combine Nort 565 miles. GB90J08999 was bred by Geoff Kirkland from NL86-1338035 who also sire of 6th National for Geoff. NL86-1338035 is from your lofts from NL85-1625869 Braakhuis and NL84-1933550 who is a daughter of De 400. Mother of GB90J08999 is NL86-8600485 from NL80-1063293 Sire of champion yb 1982 and Inteelt Wonder 012 NL85-1626012.  
 Dam of the nestpair above was NL89-8918751, a daughter from Junior NL88-8891651 who was a son of De 400 and NL79-808732 a dtr of 1st National Barcelona of Van de Wegen. The mother of NL89-8918751 was NL86-8676693 Bonte Duif 1st Melun 5628birds. 

Brouwers-Kodama Grevenbricht.  
One of there best lines is based upon the "400"/Bonte 021. There "Super 23" is for instance sire of the "Speedy" 1st Champion Short Distance 1993 with 1st Reims 1653 birds, 2nd Reims 2250 birds, 4th Troyes 1317 birds, 6th Montargis 1153 birds, 7th Montargis 1207 birds, 7th Rethel 1880 birds.

Tony Hesketh of Eversley in Hampshire England
His No.1 Van de Pol stock cock is of the "400"-lines. He is sire of the "49" who won 1st Sartilly, 1st Exeter, 26th Open N.F.C. Saintes, 9th Open N.F.C. Saintes. A sister to the "49" was also put to stock and produced a son to win 1st Rennes, 1st Sartilly and 200th Open N.F.C. Nantes. The "Combine cock" bred off a sister to the "49" cock, won the UBI Combine race from Sartilly as a prelude to winning 6th Section E, 13th Open N.F.C. Saintes 1993 and 2nd Plymouth.

G.W.Kirkland England
for instance winner of the 1st Open MNFC Angouleme 1988. Great champion and winner off many 1st prices with the Van de Pol lines. In 1997 1st ACE pigeons ENGLAND the 92 Z 28154 a half van de Pol pigeon was in 1997 1st Ace pigeon triple, 1996 17th Ace pigeon triple, 1995 22nd Ace pigeon triple, 1994 2nd Ace pigeon triple The dam of the 92 Z 28154 is of the "400" line.

Piet & Jaap van Exter, Bergen Holland
Longdistance champions afdeling 6 Holland 1997. There no 1 stock cock the 83-005 is a son of the "400" x "knap" His son the 93-2448834 for instance won in 1997 the 1st Tours 1610 birds, 7th Bourges 631 birds, 8th La Ferte Bernard 1016 birds. He won till then a 1st Bourges 848 birds and 7th of 2522 birds, 2nd La Souterraine 495 birds and 4th of 1369 birds, 4th Duffel 2178 birds. A other inbred to the "400" won 1st Chateauroux 421 birds, 2th Tours 488 birds and 5th 1610 birds, 13th La Souterraine 495 birds, 28th Etampes 1360 birds, 21st Bourges 551 birds. Great champions with vd Pol-Verhoeven pigeons.

J. & Tim Larsen Denemarken.
The “Jonge St.Vincent” (NL98-9853403) is a son of the “St.Vincent” (1st National St.Vincent 1996 comb. vd Pol – Verhoeven). The “Jonge St.Vincent” is sire of 1st Soltau 838 birds, 1st Magdeburg 570 birds, 1st Gedser 449 birds, 1st Hannover 480 birds.

Dries and Gert De Hoogh, Oosterhout.
This sympathic combination won many prices on the middle-distance and longdistance. They won championships longdistance in the ZNB-, Brabant 2000 and FMB. In 2003 on the longdistance FMB: 5th loftchampion & 3rd chpionpigeon of Brabant 2000 and 11th National Championpigeon. In 2004: 4th loftchampion longdistance Brabant 2000. In some of there proved cracks go back to pigeons of Christ and Vincent.

Co van der Gulik.
His famous "Bonte Pol" NL88-2131208 is a direct Van de Pol - Verhoeven cock. He is a grandson of the "400". The "Bonte Pol" was raced three seasons and won 28 prices with 3 x 1st-price. The "Bonte Pol" is also sire of the "Kras Pol" NL92-2755211 he won 27 prices with a 1st Strombeek 237 birds - 1434 birds 3th; 1st Duffel 1957 birds; 1st Strombeek 188 birds and 2nd 1537 birds. The "Bonte Pol" was also sire of the "Bles Pol" NL92-2755212 who won 22nd prices with Strombeek 2nd 237 birds and 17th of 4514 birds; Roosendaal 3rd of 135 birds and 5th of 3248 birds. The "Bonte Pol" is also grandsire of the "Witkop" NL92-2755215 who won 31 prices with 5x 1st-price. Roosendaal 3248 birds 1st; Strombeek 203 birds 1st <4814 birds 2nd>; Kapellen 322 birds 1st <8352 birds 28th>; Strombeek 286 birds 2nd <2513 birds 4th>.
Johan Smits, Hoogerheide
With a hen (08-3854581) from the lines of the "St.Vincent",
78th national Dax 2011 against 11753 birds, 210th National St. Vincent 2011 against 12292 birds,  866th national Tarbes 2010 against 7487 birds.

Also preforming with pigeons of Christ van de Pol en Vincent Verhoeven::

Erwin Hoefnagels (2nd Longdistance champion Union 2005), A&T Verhoeven Goirle (General Champion Union 2005), Gebr. (André en Brord) Van Boxtel Goirle, Comb. Guns Breda, Hoekstra-Hermans Riethoven, Hermans-Hoekstra Waalre, H. de Lau Eersel, Peter van de Breugel Budel, Gebr. Bril Ossendrecht, Johan Westende Heinekenszand, Gebr. Vollebregt Wassenaar, etc. etc.


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