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Stock Pigeons


Old basis “400”


Old basis rest



NL72- 394021 “Bonte 21”          


NL76- 271400 "400"                    


NL78-7803072 “Lamme”           


NL78-7803073 “73”                   











NL79- 808732 "Knap"     

NL80-1063293 "Kuiper 293"

NL79- 808725  "Wonder"     





New basis




NL82-8202907 "Crack 907”       


NL91-9158470 "Lady Vincent"  


NL92-9279870 "St.Vincent"      


NL87-8706307 “307”                 


NL95-9563693 “First Red”        






















Performance birds (from 2000)

NL03-1315674 “Red Wonder”

In 2005: 23rd Nat. Dax, 54th Nat. Mont de Marsan, 167th Nat. St.Vincent

2nd Champion Long distance WHZB 2005

NL02-0245311 “Barcelona”

In 2005: 9th Nat. Barcelona and 39th Nat Perpignan

1st championpigeon Long distance ZLU Fond Union Midden Brabant 2005

Sire of "Lady Erica"
10th National St.Vincent 2011 against 12992 birds

NL02-0245312 "Champ"

30th Nat. Pau ’06, 79th Nat. Dax ’04, 95th ZLU Dax ’05, 457th Nat. St.Vincent.

1st Championpigeon Long distance Union 2004

NL00-0056163 “Perpignan”

5th Afd. Bordeaux 8168 b., 31st Nat. Perpignan, 123rd Afd. Bordeaux 7126 b., 273rd Nat. Pau, 309th Nat. Dax, 354th Nat. Narbonne, 685th Nat. Barcelona.

NL00-0056143 " Daxduif"

46th Nat. Perpignan, 52nd Nat. Dax, 226th Nat. Pau

NL00-0056310 “First Lady”

59th Nat Dax, 462nd Afd. Bordeaux 5478 b, 738th Afd Bordeaux 7886 b,
894th Nat. Dax ‘06 14226 b, 802nd Nat St.Vincent ’04.

NL03-0352930 “Red Marathon”

16th Nat. Perpignan ’06, 161st Nat. Dax ‘06.

NL03-0353018 “Magic Barcelona”

47th Nat. Barcelona ’06, 252nd Nat. Dax ’05, 404th Nat. Perpignan ’06

NL03-0353040 “10 voor half 11”

52nd Nat. Pau ’06, 250th Nat. Narbonne ’05, 216th Afd. Bordeaux 7126 b.


NL03-0353099 “Red Fire Lady”

64th Nat. Perpignan ’06, 166th ZLU Dax ’05, 452nd Nat. Barcelona ’06

Dam of "Golddigger"
8th Nat. Tarbes 2011 against 9304 birds
71st Nat. St.Vincent 2011 against 12992 birds

NL04-0449923 “Magic Blue”

114th Nat. St.Vincent ’06 and 551st Nat. St.Vincent ‘06.

NL04-0449975 “Narbonne”

18th Nat. Narbonne ‘06 and 170th Nat. Bordeaux ‘06.

NL04-1003129 “White Knight

36th Nat. Dax ’06 (3 on 3).

NL05-0538664 “Batman

1st National.ray1 St.Vincent 2007 against 6016 birds

Queen Anne

NL08-3832574 “Queen Anne

1st National Tarbes 2011 against 9304 birds.

Queen Anne

NL09-3932323 “Golddigger

8th National Tarbes 2011 against 9304 birds.
71st National St.Vincent 2011 against 12992 birds

Queen Anne

NL09-3932318 “Lady Erica

10th National St.Vincent 2011 against 12992 birds.

Queen Anne

NL07-3701218 “Mister Tarbes

16th National/ZLU Tarbes 2010 against 2950 birds.
29th National/ZLU Tarbes 2011 against 2823 birds.

Queen Anne
Performance birds past

NL80-8081580 "Jong Wonder"

5th Nat. Dax 11544 b. + car, 74th Nat. St.Vincent 18531 b.

NL82-8202907 “Crack 907”

3rd ZNB La Souteraine 4990 b,  6th ZNB Chateauroux 10651 b, 42nd ZNB Moulins 12252 b,  48th ZNB Chateauroux 6806 b. on the one day races and: 106th Nat. Bergerac 22510 b, 110th Nat. St. Vincent 23188 b, 614th Nat. Bergerac 15069 b,  725th Nat. Bergerac 19405 b. on de long distance two day races.

NL84-8422009 "009"

26th Nat. Pau 1513 b, 86th Nat. Dax 15473 b, 186th Nat. Dax 12186 b, 220th Nat. St.Vincent 26716 b.

NL85-1644829 "Kampioensduif Vincent"

12th Best hen WHZB 1988.

NL90-9019736 "Tarbes"

4th Nat. Tarbes 15125 b. 1991


NL90-9019921 "Crack 921"

52nd Nat. Dax 20283 b, 60th Nat. Soustons 15252 b, 67th Nat. Soustons 12143 b.


NL91-9158470 "Lady Vincent"

12th  Nat. Pau 2156 b, 5th Int. hens, 100th Nat Pau 2425 b, 379th Nat. Marseille 4601 b.

NL92-9279870 "St.Vincent"  

1st Nat. St.Vincent 1996 38570 b, 56th ZNB Bordeaux 6981 b, 187th Nat. Soustons 12143 b, 323rd Nat. Dax 17413 b. 

NL92-9279940 "940"

58th Nat. Dax 17413 b, 346th Nat. Soustons 12679 b.


NL92-9279949. De “Soustonsduif”

6th Nat.Soustons 1994 15252 b.

NL95-9563643 “Kampioensduif”

1st Championpigeon long distance club 1997 and 1999

NL95-9563693 “First Red”

188th Nat Pau 2451 b, 221st Nat Marseille 5739 b, 554th Nat Marseille 4919 b, 585th Nat Perpignan 8627 b, 772nd Nat Marseille 4449 b. etc

NL95-9563817 De "Stille Genaaide"

1st Champion long distance Union 1998. 205th Nat. Dax 17121 b, 179th ZNB Bordeaux 6532 b, 329th Nat. St.Vincent 21385 b, 400th Nat. Soustons 12372 b.

NL98-9853454. De “Hoogvlieger”

44th Afd. Bordeaux 8168 b, 465th Nat. Barcelona 8713 b, 614th Nat. Perpignan 5890 b.